Notimported.ca features an extensive database of products made in Canada that are available to purchase online.  We aim to be the definitive source for this information.

What does “Made in Canada” mean?

There are laws regarding “made in Canada” claims, available here.  We look for reasonable evidence that a substantial share of production takes place within Canada before adding a product to the site.

Why don’t I see my favourite Canadian brands?

Many products from familiar Canadian brands are actually manufactured overseas with none of the production work taking place in Canada.  Regardless of where a brand is headquartered or where products are designed, they must be made in Canada to be listed on notimported.ca.

You are not showing all of a brand’s products.  Why not?

There could be a number of reasons for this.  Most commonly we find companies, especially large ones, manufacture some of their products in Canada and some overseas.  It is very time-consuming to figure this out but we aim to list only the products that are made here.  If we can’t determine which are made in Canada, we don’t list any.

I know of Canadian products that are missing from notimpored.ca.  Why are they not listed?

Please get in touch and let us know about these products through the Contact form or by emailing support at notimported dot ca.  We are always looking to expand the database.